The taste of friendship (chapter-4)

‘Ah! I couldn’t sleep last night and now one side of my head aches!’

What happened now maa-tai?’ Asked Vidya.

‘Bro! Last night was fucked up. Remember the book I talked so much about when we met for the first time?’

Which one? The one whose main character you call your hubby?’

‘Ya. Btw I stopped calling him that now. I need to make mind remember that he not real. Never mind that, though? Where was I? Ah ya yes. So what happened was I had a lucid dream.’

Wait a second. You said that “you don’t dream”‘

‘Haan about that. I occasionally do.’

I felt silly to be honest, I never thought she would believe me and that silly feeling made me turn my face in that of the silly emoji. The one with the soulless eyes and mouth open wide with its tongue falling out.

‘So, what happened was. I was in middle of a forest standing on the pavement which led to a house. How I know? Because I dreamt of the thing from the exact place I left reading my book. I was dreaming about the freaking book and I saw Gizzel running towards me while crying. She and I crashed and I was bellow her. The freakiest part? I feel that my back is bit soar today. That bitch was so beautiful and elegant. I mean it’s not like I haven’t seen blonde girls before but her kind, it was entirely different. And her blue eyes. Damn I felt jealous. I mean, if hubby could reject her then I would have had no chance with him even if he existed.’

You have never had a chance with any guy to begin with

This bitch!

‘Fuck off you also know the truth. Why are we still friends?’

Cause you in love with this fat ass

‘Not gonna deny that’

We both laughed.

Teacher entered the class we sat straight. Our College is a private college and it’s a “professional institute” basically not like other normal colleges so the teachers come to our section rather than us going to their classes. The only classes we have to go to different class is that of our electives or for our lab classes.

Soon the class was over and I faced Vidya.

‘But seriously. Why does my back feel soar.’

Most probably because it can’t handle your stupid burden anymore

‘I don’t even know why I ever ask you anything’

We both know bitch what you want to hear but you also know it’s truly because you’re a burden

I rolled my eyes. They be too bitchy for me to handle sometimes to be honest but that’s also the reason why we are friends, they don’t pretend to be good, they pretend to be bad and when they show their caring sides, it’s the best thing in the world.

The whole day I was weirded out by the fact I had a back-ache despite not falling off the bed or anything but exactly how?!

I decided to forget about it went to my old worry free self.

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