Where we left (Chapter-5)

Don’t you think you are taking a lot of time young lady to answer such a question, you do know where you live, right?’

My eyes were open wide. Oh shit I am dreaming again. I felt anxious, I wanted to escape this scenario.

‘Oh hell no! Not this again, I can’t be here back again’

What are you talking about? You have not left this place in the last 5 minutes or perhaps you have been here before and you are remembering it. Was the last visit to here scary. Did he reject you too?’

She had a concerned look on her face but while speaking the last sentence I could see delight hidden in her eyes, I got terribly frustrated and shouted at her.

‘Who the fuck is “him”? And why the fuck your world always revolves around him? Don’t you have your own desires like to work in a field of your choice?’

She laughed a throaty laugh.

If you want I can tell you my story. It may also help me somehow to untangle the mystery that he is. But before let’s get into my car, I can let you live for one day under my roof and in the meantime you can tell me all about your location. By your accent I can guess you are not from here, are you here on a vacation sweetie?’

I was a bit frustrated to be in this dream again, I mean I love the book and all but living in the story and being talking to the most annoying character well wasn’t something on my bucket list.

It’s her “way to nice for humans to handle” kind of aura that annoyed me the most. All she does is cry and gets treated like shit and still she doesn’t crack. She needs to realise that he will only go after her again if she stops being so fucking unrealistic all the time.

‘I did tell you before that I have no idea what I am doing. Truthfully you are a part of my dream. This jungle, you, everything is just my imagination going wild.’

Oh god looks like you are sick let’s take you home you may get your mind cleared and soon may realise that this no dream. This is the reality that we are a part of.’

It’s a dream after all, what can a skeleton do to my potato body and I will also get to see the world they live in. Damn I feel excited!

‘Cool let’s go then what are we waiting for?’

Strange, I thought it would be a very difficult task to help you but thank god you know what is best for you, my car is this way, follow me’

She said with a smile on her face and she walked to the opposite path from where she came from earlier. I did as she told me to because what is the worst thing that could happen to me in a fucking dream. I felt relaxed.

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