The awkward moment (Chapter 7)


HAAAAAAAAA! How did my life get so boringly messed up? How?

Here I am and the most adventure I am going through is saving my ass not get hit by a bike and here I would like to add, I am walking on the pedestrian lane. Life sucks.

A bike is coming! A bike is coming…What the fuck is driver doing? What the? I got side to give him space, why does it look like it’s about to



Cosy, why is it so cosy? I must have been dreaming. When I open my eyes I am going to be in my room lit with sunlight.

I open my eyes.


This is no room, this is a fucking hall. The room is lit by yellow lights which give off the feeling that it is made of gold. I am lying on a, Where am I? I am so not familiar with this place… What is going on? Am I in another dream, if so I want to get up, this is all so scary!

I think my mind will explode.

What is real and what is not?

I get up from the bed I was lying on and oh the bed was beautifully big and bed’s mattress was way too white for my liking. I walk over the mirror I see.

In the reflection, I can see myself but I am wearing something different… something weird, something I would never want to be seen in even after my death. A sundress.

A potato like me should be never seen dead in a sundress. Never, but here I am and guess what? I look less bad than what I usually imagine myself to look like.

I go towards the window which is at the left of the mirror and look out.

I am a bit relieved yet confused to look at the same entrance at which I had earlier arrived with that filthy rich bitch. Damn, I am getting worse at rhyming, I should be so ashamed of myself.

I have to look for her and ask whether she knows what’s up with these continuous dreams that I have been having.

I go straight to the door and was about to open it but stop after I hear some voices outside.

I open the door a little to eavesdrop. I know it is bad to do so but who cares we all humans were born out of sins which makes us born sinners. When I know there is hardly anything I can do to have my place in heaven I should do stuff that makes at least the residents of hell impressed.

I know fucked up thinking but who cares, I mean I hardly believe in life after death and also believe that there is only one god being worshipped in the name of different religion.

“Why is it that you keep avoiding me?” I hear a faint voice which I am guessing is of Gizzel.


I know where this is going, I know it!

This scene happened in the book, they are going to make out and have sex. I have to stop this from happening or things soon going to get awkward for me.

I mean I can wait here and enjoy some free porn but then coming out of the room would be way riskier and way too awkward and when they will realise that they were not alone…

Well, let’s not go there.

I rush out of the room and climb/run down the stairs.

I saw them both, just as described in the book and he was looking as if though she was the only human he wants to see in this world, he might as well be imagining the things he was going to do to her.

I cleared my throat.

Who changed my clothes?” are the words I decide to grab their attention with while giving my whole attention to the bimbo that I hated so much.

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