The blink (Chapter-6)

Relaxed? my foot. Her car is Lamborghini. How can anyone relax near this car is far from my reach? I think I might have started liking her tiny bit.

By that strange expression of yours, I will make a rather quick guess that you are fan of my car’

She laughed throaty laugh. Her laughter is melodic and contagious.

‘You caught me there’

I felt excited I have always wanted to sit in this beautiful beast. If only this all was real.

We entered in the back seats, the car was being driven by her butler cum driver.

Exactly how rich is she? And even after that where the fuck is her ego. Leave ego where is her pride? With her looks, I would have never run after a man. I still don’t, even though I should be the one who should be not this sexy margarita. I don’t even now what I am thinking anymore.

‘You were going to tell me your story.’

Patience is the best quality a person can have.’

She was looking at me now and her eyes were saying that she was not sure if she should and then her mouth opened and that’s when her eyes had a look that said fuck it.

I started to feel drowsy. I could feel my eyes slowly closing. Slowly closing. Slowly clo. Slowly…

It felt warm and cosy. I didn’t feel like getting up. Where was I and what time is it? Two questions I don’t want answers to right now as it is the most comfortable I have ever been in my life. I wanted to lay here forever and ever.

Utah ja dangree. Kaadon tak saundi rhe gi?’
(Translation: Get up animal. Till how long are you planning to sleep)

‘Maa buss panch minute aur’
(Translation: mom 5 minutes more)

I removed my cosy blanket from my face and missed its warmth for a minute and then laid there looking at the roof and contemplating exactly what the fuck happened. The feeling of seating in that car was so… real. But how?

What is wrong with my brain. I am too stupid to lucid dream then how?

At what time will you leave, tell me 10 minutes before you want to leave, I will also leave for office accordingly. I will leave you near the bus stop’

‘Okay, papa. I will be ready by 9, though but will tell you to get ready 10 minutes before.’

I was in my room eating my parantha. Prantha has been my life for quite some time now. I can live my life just eating this delicious food.

I knew I was late but really I could care less right now.
‘People are assholes. They do this all the time’

We were travelling by the road and the road was filled with idiots.

The road is a two way but many morons, essentially the bike, scooter or the people with the same kind of vehicle are using it as one-way road.

And it doesn’t help that the road has been newly made so there is still a big hole that has been left open and there is no proper road for pedestrians to walk on.

You can only imagine the chaos that is on the road.

My dad keeps one of his hands on the horn button and enters the suicidal road while repeatedly using the horn.

We only moved 5 meters when we saw a bus had been parked in the middle of the road and blocking that bus was a scooter.

It had not broken down in the middle of the road. Life is not that is easy.

So the scenario was this that both of them were coming from the wrong side. Bus, by mistake, hit the scooter and well now the bus driver is joining his hands in a “namastey” pose asking for sorry. Touching the feet of the guy that was on the scooter. And that guy is not allowing him to leave saying the driver was about to kill him.

In short, the road was blocked.

I could see people on the other side were slowing down their car to see what was going on and were enjoying the scene and so were we.

‘Papa I will leave from here’

Will you be able to walk’


‘Okay so I will also park it at that area’

He was pointing towards a small land that had nothing and was just 5 seconds away from us.

‘Okay then bye’

I got off the car.

Bye. Aram se jana’
(Translation: go safely)

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